What can I use iSecurity+ for?







iSecurity+ is a next generation, consumer video-monitoring system.  The key characteristics of this system are security, ease-of-use, and the shareability.  It allows people to securely conduct video monitoring from any place on the internet.  By using iSecurity+, users also can remotely manage the camera device, share the cameras with friends or family, and interact with other users.

Here are some examples of iSecurity+ usage:

  • Setup a camera in the baby room so you can keep an eye on the baby during his/her sleep. You can also see your baby from your office. 
  • Share the camera of your baby with the grandparents.
  • View your pets remotely.
  • Monitor your Home
  • Share interesting live video feed (e.g. your fishtank) with your friends.
  • Record "events" to cloud recording for viewing later and be able to save memorable moments
  • Other creative things you can come up with!
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