How to delete events by Phone





Login to your account with the iSecurity+app:




2.  Once you are logged in, you will see your list of online cameras, from the menu on the bottom of the screen, chose the "Events" tab



2.  You will see the names of the camera or cameras below.  If you are using a Free trial ( like in the screenshot below) you will see the date your free trial expires and instructions to purchase premium service below.


2.  If you have more than one camera, each will have a separate list like the one below.  You will see a small thumbnail with a view of the event, you will also see what time the event was recorded and the length of the event.  To view the event, just click on it.  This screenshot is from an Android phone, if you are using an iPhone this screen will look slightly different.



To delete an event, chose the one you want and slide to the LEFT, and click delete (trash can) to permanently delete the event like in the screenshot below. 


For iPhone:


 For Android:




***Please remember: Once a user deletes an event there is no way to recover it.  There is no bulk delete or delete all option because we have no way to recover deleted events.  Please make sure you are careful when deleting***




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