How to turn motion detection from your computer (After you have already started premium services)




How to turn motion detection from your computer (After you have already started premium services)


After you have either started a free trial or have paid for premium services you will need to turn motion detection on your phone, in order for events to record.


 Here is the link to start your 30 day free trial with your PC:

OR you can also start your 30 day free trial from your phone, by following this link:


OR if you have already used your free trial and want to continue getting events, here is the link to turn on event recording:


To turn on motion detection on your computer follow these steps:

Login to your iSecurity+ account:


2. Pick an "Online" camera from your list of cameras.  Go to the "Motion" tab below.



3.  You can turn on or off  the Motion Detection and notifications like in the screenshot below.  If the Motion Detection is still in the "On" position the position the camera will still record, so if you are getting too many notifications but still want your camera to record you can leave the motion detection in the "On" position and just turn the notifications off.  You can also adjust the sensitivity of the camera here which will help you get more or less recordings as well. Make sure to hit "Apply" to save any changes you make.


4.  By default, when you start a free trial or purchase motion detection, your motion is turned "ON", your push notifications are turned "ON" and your email notifications are turned "Off"


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