How to setup your Imogen Studio Camera with iOS




1. You have to make sure that you have enough internet bandwidth to carry the image uploading and download. Normally, the minimal requirement for upload bandwidth is above 500 kb/s.

Tip: For best results, set up your camera in the same room as your router (but not next to the router to avoid interference), it can always be moved later.  If you have a firewall or other similar security system make sure to allow the +CAM

2. Make sure your cell phone is connected to your personal Wi-Fi and you have a strong signal before beginning setup.  You will need the password to your router during set up, so if you don't know it this is a good time to find it.


Getting started:

1. Go to the Apple app store and download the iSecurity+App


Set Up Procedures:


First, go the app store and you will see an interface similar to the one below


photo 1 (4).PNG


At the bottom of the screen, choose  "Search"

Type in iSecurity+   

Make sure to type the "+" sign and not the word, then you will find our app in the search results:




Click the "Free" button to install the app, once clicked the button will change to "Install", click again:




You will get a pop up message asking you to sign into the iTunes stores.  Enter you user name and password to proceed:




Once you have entered your user name, the app will begin to download.  The "Install" button will change to a Stop symbol:




Once the app has finished installing, you will now see it on your phone.   At this point, do not open the app.


 Please take out the AC power adapter, and then plug your power cord into an electrical outlet




 Please Connect the AC power adapter here:







Turn the Wi- Fi Switch to the "On" position




The little hole above the switch is NOT an indicator.




 The first Arrow ( in the screen shot below) indicates that this is a set up signal.  Once this light turns green, than the camera is able to be set up.  This light may flash orange or orange to green before turning solid green.  This may take up to two minutes for this first light to become solid green.  Do not proceed with the setup until this light is solid green.   The second arrow in the screen shot indicates that the power is on.  When you are setting up the camera, the two lights indicated in the screen shot should always be solid green.  The middle light will be flashing orange during set up and will then change to green when the set up is complete.




During the Configuration, you will see the second light shows the orange light flashing.  This light will indicate if the camera has been successfully able to connect to the phone's app.  During the set up process, we are connecting the camera to the phone, so simply ignore this orange light at this point.





On your  iPhone, go to the Settings menu:


You should see the name of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, and you will also see the Wi- Fi symbol next to your carrier settings on the top left side of the screen, like in the screen shot below:




 Select the Wi- Fi button to display all wireless networks available.  You should see a list of different Wi- Fi networks, connect to  the +Cam network (denoted by “CAMXXXX” plus the last 4 digits of its MAC ID, which can be found on the back of the camera).  See screen shot below:





**Important**- Make sure that when you connect to the camera, that the camera's Wi-Fi network has a check by it AND that the Wi- Fi symbol at the top of your computer both show.  This may take a minute to do. 

 Once you have verified that you are successfully using the camera's Wi-Fi, open the app:

  Launch iSecurity+ App

Once Your device establishes its connection to the +Cam, (usually takes around 30 seconds) launch the iSecurity+ App:


The iSecurity+ app will automatically detect your camera.  When prompted, click "Yes" to set up your camera.




6. Setup Wizard


The Set Up Wizard will guide you through how to configure your camera and link your your camera with your mobile phone.  Follow the instructions in the Camera Set Up Wizard to complete installation.



After you click "Continue", you will see this screen, which is a test screen from your camera.  This is ONLY a preview, your camera is not set up yet.  Please click connect to the camera, in order to continue to the next step.




In this next steps your camera connects to your Wi- Fi network.  Please make sure you are connecting to the same Wi-Fi you were connected to when you started this process, if you are given more than one option, like the screen shot below. 



 You will most likely be asked to enter your password to the Wi- Fi network.  Please make sure you enter your Wi- Fi password correctly.  If you don't your camera will be unable to connect.




It may take few minutes for your camera to connect to the internet.


You will now be asked to create your account. 

 If you already have an account select "Use existing"



Enter a name for your camera and an optional description.  If you plan on having multiple cameras, it is best to be as specific as possible.




After you have set up your account and link the account with your camera, then you have to turn off the setting switch.  Make sure the settings switch is moved into the "Off position"




Before you turn the Set up switch off, make sure all three lights have turned green.  The second light will still be flashing green at this point.  It is flashing green because we did not login to our account through the iSecurity + app, but at this point disregard the flashing.



As you can see, after the set up process is complete, the switch has to be turned to the off position.  After the switch has been turned off, then the first indicator will be off as well, but the second light is still flashing due to not connecting to the iSecurity+ app.  If you do not turn the switch to the off position, than the set up will not be fully completed and your phone has not been fully paired to your camera.






  Login into the app:




Once you are logged in, you will see a list of cameras.  If you do not see your camera immediately, wait for one minute.  If you still do not see your camera listed, toggle back and forth between the "online" and "offline" list until the camera appears:




Select the name of the camera to view the live camera feed.






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