How to invite a friend to view your camera ( using iSecurity+ app)




How To Invite A Friend To View Your Camera ( Using ISecurity+ App)

Login to the app:

From your cameras list, click on the configuration menu ( spinning wheel to the right of the camera name)


Click on the "Invite friends", make sure that the "Status" listed is viewable by friends

Type in the email address of the friend you want to invite, and a personal message if desired and press send (top right of the app).

You will receive a confirmation, like the screenshot below, letting you know that the invitation has been sent. 




What your friend receives:

1.  Your friend will receive an email at their personal email address.  They should click on the "Accept invitation" blue link like the one below:

2.   Your friend can then either login if they already have a user name/ password or can sign up and account, like the screenshot below:



Once your friend has chosen a user name and passoword, they will get a "Thank you message" and an opportunity to view the camera like the one below.  They will now be able to login and view the camera.  


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