Where are the camera settings (App version)?



Where are the camera settings (App version)?


login to your iSecurity+app:



The camera's setting/configuration menu looks like the spinning wheel to the right of the camera name:



When you click on Configuration/ Camera settings icon, it will open the camera's settings menu:


Bottom of the Settings menu looks like this:



What do each of the settings do?


Under General:


Name: This is the name of the camera, if you would like to rename the camera, you can erase the name, type in a new new name and hit "done" (iPhone) or "OK" Android to save the changes.

Invite friends: Use this setting to invite others to view the camera.  Please see the "How to invite a friend to view your camera" FAQ for more information

Share/unshare: This setting tells you how many friends you have shared your camera with and also gives you the option to "unshare" your camera with them if you no longer want them to be able to view it.

Status:  This tells you if your camera is set to viewable by friends or private

Timezone: This is the time zone the camera is set to.  This will typically match the timezone of where the camera is located automatically but if it does not, it can be adjusted here.


Under Video:

Rotation: This gives you the option to rotate or flip the video

IR: (AKA Night vision): The three options with night vision are "ON", "Off" or "Auto".  If you leave your camera in the "On" position all the time or during the day your cameras picture will only show in black and white.  If your infared is "off" you will see a black screen at night time because the infared lights are off.  The recommended setting is "Auto" which will automatically turn the infared on or off depending upon the lighting conditions.


Under Regular Stream:

These three things all can be adjusted to give the clearest picture, and can be raised or lowered depending also upon your internet speed.

Frame rate: 


Video size:


Under Audio:

Microphone: This allows you to hear and control audio.



Sensitivity: By default the sensitivity is set to "3" If you want to get more events or make the camera's motion detection more sensitive turn up the sensitivity to either 4 or 5 and if you want to make your camera less sensitive turn it down to 1 or 2.

Event Recording: The ability to turn event recording on or off is a premium service (iSecurity+Snapshots or iSecurity +Video)

Email Notifications:  If you are using premium service you have the option of turning on email notifications.

Phone Notifications: Imogen Studio cameras come with the option to turn on free phone aka push notifications.




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