Do Imogen Studio Cameras have local storage?



Do Imogen Studio Cameras have local storage?


Imogen Studio cameras have the option of using our partner iSecurity+ Cloud services secure cloud recording system, allowing you to securely store the past 14 days of video/snapshots.  You have the option of permanently dowloading any clip your camera has recorded and can also delete un needed clips at any time.

Imogen Studio cameras are only designed to work with iSecurity+servers in order to provide a safe, private viewing experience where our users know that they can access their camera's feed and saved events at any time from anywhere!

Imogen Studio cameras do not have local storage for the following reasons:

Like our partner, iSecurity+, Imogen Studio's goal has always been to provide video monitoring to everyone at a reasonable price and without the need for a technical expertise.  Not only is the set up of Imogen Studio cameras a breeze, but the cameras are designed to be uses without customers having to set up and monitor a DVR system, change tapes or purchase costly extra equipment to be able to view and record.  

Access from anywhere

Need to access your camera, but don’t have your computer or phone with you? With Anytime, Anywhere Access – you can securely access your cameras no matter where you are, from any computer connected to the Internet. Just visit and log in to your secure account.

Just download the FREE iSecurity+ app for your iPhone or Android and log in with your secure account to view, manage, and share your cameras.


Online Automatic Backup

Rest Easy. With iSecurity+ Snapshots/Video, your camera will automatically detect and capture any events as they happen to our secure cloud servers. iSecurity+ Snapshots/Video helps you protect what matters most; no more stolen or failed DVRs, every event is captured and instantly saved offsite to your private iSecurity+ Cloud.



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