Why is the camera's image in black and white?



Why is the camera's image in black and white?


When Imogen Studio Cameras are in night mode, the image will be be displayed in black and white instead of color.   When you view your camera's feed at night time or low level lighting, the image will always be shown in black and white because night vision uses infrared light, which isn't visible to our eyes so Imogen Studio cameras converts it to an image that we can see, which is shown in black and white.

If you continuously see your camera's image in black and white you may have left your camera's night vision setting in the "On" position instead of "Auto".  To fix this please go to your camera's configuration settings ( looks like the spinning wheel to the right of the camera's name) and scroll down.  You will see "IR" setting, make sure to set this to "Auto" and then click "Done" (iPhone) or "Ok" (Android) to save the changes.






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