How to unshare your Imogen Studio Camera feed





          How to unshare your Imogen Studio Camera feed


While you can share your camera's feed with as many people as you would like, you can also unshare your camera's feed at any time and can chose between making your camera's feed totally private or just unshare the camera's feed from specific people.


To unshare your camera's feed with our website, go to the website: and login to your account:


From your camera's list, select the camera you wish to unshare and click the "Sharing tab"


Select the viewer you no longer want to share the care with and change the sharing status to "Sharing Disabled".  Don't forget to hit the apply button to save your changes:


To unshare from the mobile app:


Login to the iSecurity+ app:



From the camera's list chose the camera whose feed you want to unshare by clicking on the spinning wheel to the right of the camera's name which is the configuration/ settings menu:



From the camera's Settings/ Configuration menu, Click the Share/Unshare:



Select the name of your friend that you no longer want to share the camera with by pushing their name:


You will see that the check mark is now removed.  Click "Done" in the upper right hand corner ( or for Android, "OK" at the bottom of the app) to save the changes:



You will now see that the Share/ Unshare has changed.  In this case, the camera has no additional friends that it has been shared with.



NOTE: You can add the account back to the share list by selecting the account and clicking Add.  You can also make your camera totally private by changing the "Status" to "Private" instead of "Viewable by Friends"










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