Why is my Imogen Studio Camera warm when I touch it?



Why is my Imogen Studio Camera warm when I touch it?


All electronic devices produce a some heat when they are turned on, and Imogen Studio cameras are no different.  You may find that they are especially if you have your IR night vision ( the small red lights on the front of the camera) turned to the "On" or "Auto" position because the lights natural generate more energy.

Imogen Studio cameras are designed to be plugged in constantly so it is okay for your camera to feel warm to the touch, however if the camera becomes very hot, you may want to try unplugging the camera, letting it cool down and then moving the camera to a different location to try to keep it from overheating.  It is important to keep your camera open to circulation, so that the normal convection flow will help keep your camera cool enough to function correctly, especially when using night vision.




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