How to get your camera back Online



                How to get your camera back Online


If your camera has gone offline follow these steps to get your camera back online


Your camera will look like this if it is offline:



Unplug your camera and then plug back your camera back in.  Check your camera in 5 minutes  and see if the middle light and the bottom light have turned green.   The Wi-Fi set up switch should also be in the "Off" position like in the picture.





If the second light doesn't turn solid green, please perform a reset of your Wi-Fi network/modem.

Please do the following steps:

a. Power off the Camera ( unplug the camera)

b. Power off the Router

c. Power off the Modem

d. After one minute power on the Modem

e. After one minute power on the Router

f. After one minute power on the camera


If the middle and bottom light still have not turned green, please follow this link to do a factory reset on the camera itself:

When you have done a factory reset, switch the Wi-Fi switch to the "On" position.  The lights should change to green (top light), flashing orange ( middle light) and solid green ( bottom light)

If the lights change to these colors, you will need to do a full set up of the camera again, just when you first purchased it:


How to set up with iOs:


How to set up with Android:


If your lights do not change, try to move the camera closer to the router and unplug/ re plug the camera. 

If you have followed all of these trouble shooting steps and the second LED light is still orange, it means that you do not have internet service.  Please ask your internet service provider for further assistance.


When your camera is correctly back online, it looks like this:





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