Can I use an Ethernet Cable instead of Wi-Fi to set up my camera?




Can I use an Ethernet Cable instead of Wi-Fi to set up my camera?


Certain Imogen studios cameras, such as the +CAM or Seedonk AP Cam will support the ability to set up your camera with an Ethernet cable instead of with W-Fi.  This is especially helpful if you don't know the password to your router or are having trouble getting connected.  You still have to have a smart phone to set up the camera.  Please follow the below instructions to set up with Ethernet:


1. Plug in the camera via Ethernet cable directly to your home router.

2. Make sure the "Wi-Fi Setup" switch located at the rear of the camera is set to the "ON" position.

3. Connect your Phone to the camera directly via Wi-Fi.

4. Launch the iSecurity+ app and go through the setup process.

5. On the "Connect to Internet" step, scroll to the bottom and click on "Use Ethernet" button.

6. When you complete the setup process, make sure you set the "WiFi Setup" switch to the "OFF" position.

7. Within iSecurity+ app, sign into your account. The camera should now be online and ready for viewing.


What limitations will my camera have if set up with Ethernet?


Because the camera is connected to your router with the Ethernet cord, you will be more limited on where you can place the camera because of the limitation of the length of the Ethernet cord.



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