Upgrading firmware in iSecurity+ mobile app





Upgrading firmware in the iSecurity+mobile app


For your convenience, we have implemented camera firmware updates directly into your mobile app.


  1. Open the app and log into iSecurity+ on your iOS or Android device.



You will see the camera list like the screenshot below.  If your camera's firmware needs to be updated you will see that the icon looks different than the typical spinning wheel.



The camera configuration settings will now come up and at the very top you will see “New firmware available!”

Click the “Show me what’s new” button. Once clicked, you will see the release notes of improvements



Here is the screenshots of what is new in the particular version of the firmware.  Click the "Update Firmware" button to begin the update. 



You will need to wait 2-5 minutes to complete the firmware update. During that time, your camera will be unavailable for viewing. Do not unplug the camera until the update is complete and for the camera to reboot itself.




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