How to turn on (or off ) Motion detection on your phone ( after you have already started premium services)


How to turn on motion detection on your phone (after you have already started premium services)


After you have either started a free trial or have paid for premium services you will need to turn motion detection on your phone, in order for events to record.


 Here is the link to start your 30 day free trial with your PC:

OR you can also start your 30 day free trial from your phone, by following this link:


OR if you have already used your free trial and want to continue getting events, here is the link to turn on event recording:


To turn on motion detection on your phone follow these steps:

Login to your iSecurity+ account:




  1. Pick an online camera from your camera's list.  Your camera must be set up and online in order to start motion detection:


If you are using an iPhone it will look like this:



If you are using an Android the list will look like this:



Click the camera's configuration menu  ( looks like a spinning wheel to the right of the camera name) to open the camera's settings menu: 

Here you can turn your camera's motion on or off and you can also turn push and email notifications on and off:


Camera's settings (iPhone screen shot)




Camera's settings (Android Screen shot):



Make sure that any changes you make are saved by hitting the "Done" button in the upper right hand corner on iPhone or the "OK" bottom button on the Android app. 





Please Note:  If Motion Detection is turned off, notifications are automatically turned off as well. Also, if your motion detection is turned off, your camera will not start recording again until you turn the motion detection back on.






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