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                               Vision Analytics


Vision analytics is now available for +CAM Pro!  Vision analytics will not work with +CAM because the hardware/software of the that camera will is not advanced enough to be able to accommodate this great new feature.  So, if you have been thinking about upgrading, now is the time!


What is the iSecurity+ Vision Analytics beta program?

The iSecurity+ Vision Analytics beta program lets you access the latest People Detection and Moving Object Detection pre-release features before they’re rolled out to the general public.

As a beta user, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of iSecurity+ Vision Analytics. Please help us by providing helpful feedback. It's a great opportunity to innovate with us.

People DetectionWhat is People Detection?

People Detection is a new feature that identifies and tracks people in your events. It detects the human body and ignores anything else, such as trees, shadows and other objects.

Moving Object DetectionWhat is Moving Object Detection?

Moving Object Detection is a new feature that identifies and tracks real world moving objects in your events, such as cars, soccer balls, and bicycles. It filters out false alarms such as minor lighting changes.


Read more about Vision analytics and sign up HERE

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