Changing User name or Email address



         Changing User name or Email address


Changing your user name:

You can not change your user name.  If you want a different user name, you will need to create another account.  Your motion detection subscription and cameras are all connected to your user name so if you create another account, your motion detection and cameras will not be transferred to it.


Changing your email Address:

You can change your email address anytime.  If you have have changed email addresses, and are getting motion detection alerts ( premium services) we would recommend changing your email address so the alerts go to the correct email address.

To change your email address, follow these steps:

1. Login to your iSecurityplus account on our website:


2. Go to the "Account" tab:  On the left hand side, you will see your current email address that is on your account.  Delete the email address, enter a new email address and hit "Apply" to save the changes.




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