How to Purchase Motion Detection



               How to Purchase Motion Detection:


In order to purchase, you need to have a camera currently set up with iSecurity+ and the camera also needs to be "online".  To prevent users for accidentally purchasing for a camera they are not using, users will not see the option to purchase unless their camera is online.

We offer users a chance to try our motion detection services, iSecurity+ Snapshots or iSecurity+Video (compatible cameras) for 30 days.  After 30 days you will need to subscribe to our service to continue the motion detection services.  If you are purchasing before the 30 day free trial is up, the remaining free trial days will be added to your new paid subscription.



To purchase please login to our website:



Go to your Accounts tab to purchase:  Just like in the screenshot below you will only see the options to purchase services that your camera is compatible with:


After you chose which plan you want (either a one month plan or annual plan), click on the green button below. Please make sure that you chose the correct camera name.



You will be making a payment to "Seedonk Inc." which is the corporate name for iSecurity+





After you have paid, please go to the "Cameras" list, find the name of your camera and select the "Motion" tab underneath.

"Motion" tab 


By default you will see:

The Motion Trigger size is set to "medium", to make the camera less sensitive turn this down to "low" or "lowest", and to make the camera more sensitive turn this up to "high" or "highest".  Make sure to hit "Apply" to save changes.

The Motion Detection will be "On" if you have started the 30 day free trial or purchased service.  You can turn this off at any time to stop recording.

The Email notifications will be in the "Off" position.  If you would like email notifications make sure to turn this to the "On" position and click "Apply" to save changes

The Push(Phone) notifications will be turned to the "On" position.  If you do not want phone notifications make sure to turn this to the "Off" position and click "Apply to save changes.




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