How to delete a camera from your account




           How to delete a camera from your account


Why should you delete a camera from your account?

You should delete a camera from your account if you are no longer intending to use the camera or the camera is broken.  If you delete your camera, and decide you want to use it later, you will need to set up the camera again using your already created user name.  Deleting the camera makes it like the camera was never on your account, EXCEPT if you have a motion detection subscription on the camera, Paypal will continue to charge if you have a recurring charge or if you have an annual charge this will not cancel/ refund the charge.  Please contact customer support for help with cancellation.


To delete a camera a camera ( using the website) follow these instructions: 

Login to your account:


If your camera is already offline and you click on the "Settings" tab underneath the camera name, you will see the only option is to delete the camera.


 But if your camera is online, you will see that it is one of the choices underneath the settings menu, to delete your camera, like the screenshot below:



You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the camera like the screenshot below.  




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