Can Imogen Studio or iSecurity+ Employees view my video?





                  Can Imogen Studio or iSecurity+ Employees view my video?


Our highest priority at Imogen Studios and our partner iSecurity+ is keeping your video secure and private.  In order to be able to keep your account secure we have implemented both strict policies and put in place technical barriers in order to prevent unauthorized access to video data.  For your protection all video data is encrypted before it goes through the server. Your password is also encrypted.  Imogen Studio and iSecurity+ employees will not view your images or video without permission.  

Our customer service employees do not typically ask for your account password, and will only do so when there is a problem specific to your account.  In that unusual case you will be asked to change your password to a temporary password and as soon as the issue with your account has been resolved you will be asked to change your password again. 

In order to keep your account secure, please do not share your password with anyone, or write down your password in any place which can be accessed by others. 

Imogen Studio camera owners are provided with optional sharing tools, giving you full control over who has access to your camera's feed.  You are always in control and able to revoke permission at any time through the settings on both the iSecurity+app and website, should you chose to no longer share your camera's feed.

Click HERE to read more about our partner, iSecurity+, privacy policy.


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