Is my Video Feed Secure?



                                      Is my Video Feed Secure?


Making sure video feed is safe and secure is an important concern for both Imogen Studio and our partner iSecurity+.  We understand that many of our users are viewing their camera feed over the internet using a mobile device and because of this we do not give anyone (other than authorized iSecurity+Development team) access to servers or expose the cameras to the public internet.


We take strong measures to prevent unauthorized intrusion into your network camera. Unlike other network cameras (which forces users to open ports and expose their cameras to the public internet), powered by iSecurity+ cameras use smartConnect technology from iSecurity+ to sit protected behind your local network firewall and hidden from the public internet. Furthermore, we use industry level, 128-bit SSL (the same technology as used in online banking and e-commerce) to encrypt all video transmission channels so it’s protected end-to-end from the camera to you.



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