Why does my Imogen Studio Camera go offline?




Why does my Imogen Studio Camera go offline?


If your camera keeps going offline here are some steps to try to get your camera to try to prevent your camera from continuing to go offline:


Check the distance, range of your camera from your router and your router's positioning:


Try to move your camera closer to your router to see if the distance from your router is making an impact on your camera disconnecting from your router.

Even if your camera is not physically that far away from your router keep in mind that different materials in your home can weaken your Wi-Fi signal. 

Different materials in your home will weaken your Wi-Fi signal, and minimizing the number of walls and ceilings between your router and the camera can help.


Some examples of materials that Wi-Fi signals have a hard time traveling through:

- Metal

- Concrete

- Plaster


Tips for router positioning: 

Try to place the router in the middle of your home.  If you place the router a room or place on one side of the house, you won't get a strong signal on the other side of your home.

Just like a radio, routers have an antenna, which which needs to be positioned vertically, ( standing straight up).   Even though some routers do allow you to position the antenna horizontally you do generally get the best signal when the antenna is placed vertically. 

The router should be elevated; you will get much better reception if the router is on a desk, for example, instead of the floor.  Even if you are using a desk, a wooden desk is a much better choice than a metal one and try to have to router around as little metal as possible.  The Wi-Fi signals may be obstructed by metal but will pass through wood easily.


Check for inference from other Wi-Fi Networks:


Interference from other Wi-fi networks can especially be a problem for people living in apartments or condos close together or office buildings.  You can use an app like Wi-Fi analyzer for Android to see if there is an interference occurring.  The app will show you the wireless channels that nearby networks are using and will then recommend the ideal network for you to use — like one which is not being used by as many networks. This app even will also allow you to walk around the room and see where you get the best signal and where the signal is weakest – you can do this with any other device, as well.


Change your Wi-Fi channel:

If there are too many other Wi-Fi networks competing for the same Wi-Fi channel this can create either an inconsistent signal or cause the signal to drop all together.  You can try to access the router's channels and try to change to a couple different channels and see which one allows your camera to work most effectively.  Just keep in mind that the camera can only use a 2.4 GHz channel option.


Interference from common household and electronic devices:


There are a variety of household appliances and devices which could cause a wireless interference and sometimes just positioning your router a few feet away from them will make a huge difference in your router's performance.  Some of the most common household appliances which may cause an interference include:  T.V., microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones and other similar types of devices.


Upload Bandwidth:

If you don't have sufficient bandwidth you will notice you are unable to maintain a consistent connection and will also have streaming issues, such a choppy stream which freezes when viewing.  If you have multiple cameras or are using iSecurity+Cloud services ( which records video/snap shot events) you will need more bandwidth.


Older Firmware:

Firmware is the software inside of the camera. Often when we update firmware, there is improvements made to help the cameras stay online better and to help them better self connect when they do occasionally drop connection. 

Click this link to check to see if your firmware is update from your phone:







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