If you are experiencing a time out while viewing your live stream on either the app or on the computer here is why:


When you view your camera's feed your camera chooses one on of the following options to stream the video:


P2P Local:  This option is for local viewing.  If you want to be able to view your camera's feed without experiencing a timeout this is the option that you want.  The only way to get this option is for your camera and your phone/ computer to use the same Wi-Fi source.  So if you are viewing your camera at home, and your camera is connected to your home router than your computer or mobile device would need to be connected to your home router as well.  This is the only way you can guarantee that you can view your camera's live video feed without interruption. 


P2P Remote:

P2P remote allows for remote viewing without a timeout, but will not be available every time you view the camera.  Weather this option is available will depend upon the time of day you are trying to view and the amount of traffic on our servers.  This option is often not available during high traffic times of day such as weekends or evenings.  If your camera goes into server relay instead of P2P remote you can try to toggle back and forth a few times between the live camera feed on the app until you get P2P remote view.  If the servers are particularly busy, this won't help, but occasionally you will be able to switch to P2P remote following this tip. 


Server Relay:  If you are viewing your camera remotely, server relay will be the most likely option for viewing your camera.   If your camera is using server relay to stream your camera will timeout after 5 minutes and you will have to login again.


How do you know if you are viewing with server relay, P2P remote or P2P local?

Press the "Info" tab in the right corner of the app to see how your video is being streamed, such as in the screenshot below.



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